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I Want to Invite You... to be a Catalyst for Restoring America's Constitutional Republic

The Founders Sacrificed Everything...What are We Doing to Honor the Freedom the Founders Gave Us?

I’m here with my family in Colonial Williamsburg right now… we’ve stepped back in time to the days before the Constitution existed…
…when the Declaration was being framed…
…when the founders made the decision to put their lives on the line…
… to commit High Treason in order to launch this nation.
…the odds were against them and they should not have won…
But they were willing to die, in order to be free…
to preserve that freedom for us.
They were willing to not just pledged their lives fortunes and sacred honor… 
…but to give it freely to launch this great nation.
Abraham Lincoln said in his Gettysburg Address…
The way that you honor those who lay down their lives in sacrifice for Freedom is…

❝…to have an increased Devotion to the cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion.❞

So how do we have an increased Devotion to this cause… 
…and to these Biblical and American values, and to this Constitution that we love so dearly?
  • We study and know what those principles are.
  • ​We choose leaders that will preserve those principles. 
  • ​We share and teach the people around us.

I Want to Invite You... to be a Catalyst for Restoring America's Constitutional Republic

How would YOU like to bring this training of the Constitutional Principles that made America the greatest nation in the history of the world… to the people around you, so they can do their part to restore our constitutional republic?

You can do all of these things as a Constitution Coach!
Learn all the information right here on this webpage. We will give you all of the materials and tools that you need, and help equip you, and inspire you as you inspire the people in your community. 
Join the movement to Restore our Constitutional Republic, so we can pass it intact to the Next Generation!

What's Included

In addition to the access to the Biblical Citizenship Course you are receiving for your donation, you will ALSO receive...

Private Access to our Constitution Coach Facebook Community

​Join thousands of Coaches all over the country committed to the movement to Restore our Constitutional Republic.

Digital Access to Constitution Alive! With David Barton

This companion workbook to the BIBLICAL CITIZENSHIP in Modern America Course is filled with the information that guides you through each lesson, complete with fill-in-the-blanks to help solidify the learning experience. You will enjoy referring back to the biblical verses and founding father quotes used throughout the course!

​Digital Access to American Campfire Revival w/ Kirk Cameron

The American Campfire Revival with Kirk Cameron is sparking a personal and national revival in the hearts of Americans. With a refreshing focus on Faith, History, Patriotism and the Bible, Kirk discusses everything from current cultural events, heroes of faith, and the Biblically-based, historically-proven strategy to bring life and liberty back to individuals, families, and our nation.

​Digital Access to Constitutional Defense

This video course includes the in-depth training on the Constitution every citizen should know, but is no longer taught in our schools. This full set of DVD's and workbooks contains more than 15 hours of teaching and visits 29 historic locations.

Access to Additional Teaching Videos, Ongoing Updates & Interviews

The Coach program includes regular "Go-Live" broadcasts featuring live teaching, interviews with subject matter experts, and Q&A.

The value of the material in this program is

Over $450!

..But we are willing to give these materials freely to any Patriot who who Cares about preserving our Constitutional Republic and is willing to Join Patriot Academy as a Constitution Coach and Share these Materials with Others.

...Joining Patriot Academy as a Constitution Coach is...


*All we ask is that you be willing to Share these Principles in your Community right where you are....

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  • Digital Access to All Materials
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  • 30 Physical Study Guides
  • Media Thumb Drive
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much knowledge or training do you have to have to become a Coach?
None! The Constitution Coach program was designed to be “plug and play”. As a Coach, literally all you have to do is get people into a room and press “play”! The videos do all the teaching for you. You are free to learn along with the rest of the class! 
Q: What if someone asks a question I don’t know the answer to?
As a Coach, your role is NOT to be the authority on all subjects. You are there to coordinate/moderate learning. If you cannot answer a question, don’t worry about it! Use it as an opportunity to learn together.
Q: What age group are the Constitution Coach classes for?
The classes are made to be presented to an audience of 13 years old and up. Family and friends of all ages!
Q: How many weeks will presenting a class take?
If you do one video lesson per week, it will take approximately 6 to 10 weeks, depending on which course version you choose.
Q: How long is each video session?
The video sessions average 1:20 (some slightly longer, some shorter). 
Q: Where can I host a class?
There are plenty of options for locations to hold your class! Your home, your local library, or community center, your church, or even an event room at a restaurant. 


After leading virtual classes on Zoom, my first in-person class for homeschool kids and their parents started last Tuesday at my church. It was so much fun, it should have been illegal! Seriously, we had a blast, and it was awesome seeing God do what only He can do. 
This whole Constitution Alive class is a total God thing! The fact that I got to use our church at all, is a praise to God! Watching Him work and the looks on the kids faces, and their parents was amazing! God is so good!! Who thought this could be so much fun? It was absolutely beyond anything I ever imagined, and I know it is because the LORD made it happen!!! -June 20, 2022
-Coach Valerie Williams, Arizona
After doing a Biblical Citizenship class at our church last year for nearly 200 people, we have seen a movement here and it’s been awesome! We have one person in our congregation running for school board and a strong group that is comprised of people from our church and several others that have really pushed back against the school board. People are getting engaged legislatively too. Every church needs this.
-Coach Kelly Steelman,
Columbia South Carolina
After taking the Biblical Citizenship Class and then Hosting one myself, I have learned how I can actually do something to help save the future of this Country and have learned how to get involved at the local level to be a leader in motivating people to get involved and actually do something to effectively change the direction our government and politicians are headed…  
Just this month we were able to rally the troops into writing emails and making phone calls to Colorado Legislators to defeat SB22-031 from ever becoming law. This was a proposal that would have had a catastrophic effect on scientific wildlife management in Colorado destroying wildlife populations and the economy derived from healthy populations all across our state. People learned how to use their voices effectively to influence politicians votes, and saw SUCCESS.”  
-Coach Patrick Montgomery, 
Littleton Colorado
Everyone loved our Biblical Citizenship class, it was incredible! My students (ranging from kids to seniors) are already working toward getting another class going and they want to hold a candidate forum. They are ready for action!
-18 year old Coach Em Sager, Indiana
Why I love teaching Constitution Alive to my homeschool co-op group of teenagers is getting notes like this one: ‘Thank you so much for being such a great teacher! I have had a lot of fun in your class, and I hate to say it but I am learning a lot- and I’m actually writing a research paper on it.
-Coach Suzanne Kearney, Post Falls Idaho
“The Biblical Citizenship course has personally inspired me to rise up and do my duty and get involved in every way possible including hosting 2 small classes so far. 
I am hungry to learn and be a force to impact my community and leave a legacy for generations after me.”
-Coach Alan Shiffer, 
Kutztown Pennsylvania
I was blown away by the entire course! I just finished coaching my first class for 40 people and everyone was so excited to be together with like-minds and discover the revealing of the National Monument to our Forefathers, and the Venn Diagram of family, church and government. None of us had heard of the National Monument! We are Modern Day Sons of Liberty spreading knowledge of our nation’s history and how faith formed our foundation!
-Coach Michelle Ludwig, Tucson AZ
I started by hosting a class in my living room. I forgot to mark the class as private when I created it on the Coach Dashboard, which turned out to be a huge blessing, because 6 neighbors who I didn’t know before joined the class, 2 ladies that lived 25 minutes away and 2 who lived over an hour away. We ended up with 20 people, who became best friends.
This first experience encouraged me to find a local church that would allow me to host a class in their facilities. The class started with 34 participants and ended with over 70 in week 8. The results are nothing short of stunning! 10 people gave their life to Jesus during an altar call in week 8, 3 are running for School Board and one is running for Assemblyman. I invited different grass roots organizations to speak every week, from Election Integrity to pro-life organizations and most participants are now plugged into one, or the other organization, making a real difference. 
On a personal level, I went from being terrified of public speaking to being a regular speaker at different events and classes to speaking on the radio to 30,000 people. I have the privilege to know, support and help patriot candidates and now I am planning on reinstituting Committees of Correspondence to more effectively inform the local population about their rights, how they are being violated and what we can do about it. I have the feeling this is just the beginning of a long and exciting road, serving the people and having a positive impact on our communities. 
I want to encourage everyone to sign up as a Coach, for free, invite some family, or friends and start a class in your living room. If nothing else, more people will be informed and educated about our constitution and the true history of our country and founding fathers. And if you are a homeschooler – this is a most excellent tool to teach civics to your children! 
Thank you, Rick and team, for all your hard work. We will regain our freedoms again, one class at a time and it all started with you standing in the Freedom Hall, recording these classes!”
-Coach Lars Rottler, Woodland Hills, CA
Just finished up our first full Biblical Citizenship class! We used the Declaration document from the coach resources to print out our own copy and invited everyone to sign it today. Pledging our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to each other for our freedom. After everyone had left, our 8yo. daughter wanted to join in and signed her name too. So blessed and grateful for the impact this course has had in our family and our community! 🥰
Coach Heather Bennet, Juneau, Alaska
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